Method, Personal Attributes, & Thinking Skills Needed for Innovations

The Best & Most Practical Guidance on How to Create Innovations
Based on the Scientific Method of Problem Solving
By Norman W. Edmund, Founder (retired) of Edmund Scientific Co.

Method of Innovation

There is a method of innovation which is essentially the scientific method of problem solving. This is explained here. An innovation program is presented.

Personal Attributes Needed for Innovation

If you teach or want to be personally good at innovations, you should know the seven most essential personal attributes required for innovation. They are explained here.

Thinking Skills Needed for Innovation

These are covered in Research Report #1 and on various pages on this site and in my material on the scientific method.

Good Practical Advice in Easy to Understand Form Based on Experience

In 1942 I started a little mail order business on a card table in my bedroom after a long illness. When I retired in 1975, Edmund Scientific Co. had a 68,000 square foot plant in Barrington, New Jersey, and more than 100 employees. It took constant innovation as I went from stage to stage in my progress. In 1989 I gave up retirement and became a full-time educational researcher specializing in the scientific method and again I had to be an innovator.

Study This Material – It Is All Free

Innovation is presented in an easy to understand non-mathematical form for personal use. Also use it for teaching innovation and for innovation training to help our national competitive need for more and better innovations. No claim of copyright is made for material on this site.

The purpose of education is to prepare students for the world they will work in. We know today that is a world of constant innovation, so we must teach them how to make innovations. What I explain here makes a great contribution to President Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” program.